For the first time since 2015, the Hawkeyes go into the Cy-Hawk with no Cy-Hawk trophy.

The Iowa-Iowa State rivalry resulted in six consecutive Hawkeye wins from 2015-21 (with no game in 2020), but the Cyclones walked into Kinnick and walked out with a 10-7 win that the Hawkeyes haven’t forgotten.

“It stuck with us a lot for sure,” defensive end Joe Evans said. “Every game is a big game — obviously Iowa-Iowa State is a huge game for the state of Iowa. It left just a sour taste in our mouth.”

“I think it stuck with us a lot,” cornerback Cooper DeJean echoed. “We still have it in the back of our mind going into this week. Especially with it being a trophy game, those are the ones that you never want to lose.”

Punter Tory Taylor has a pretty clear memory of how Cyclone fans treated him.

“I just remember how humble and modest their fans are,” Taylor quipped sarcastically. “It’s not like there’s eight year old fans giving you the rude finger or anything like that.”

Cade McNamara’s only heard stories.

“I’ve heard plenty of middle finger stories honestly,” McNamara said. “I’m pretty excited to get in that environment.”

Whether it brings the state together or rips it into shreds, the Cy-Hawk is certainly one that’s circled every year and one neither wants to drop.

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