AMES, IOWA — The Iowa State Cyclones scored a double-double over the weekend – putting both men’s and women’s basketball teams into the second phase of their respective basketball tournaments.

On Sunday the men’s team topped Wisconsin 54-49; they will face Miami in Chicago on Friday. On Sunday night, the ISU Women’s basketball team defeated Georgia 67-44; they will face Creighton in Greensboro, North Carolina on Friday.

On Monday, students returned to campus in search of Sweet 16 gear – but they were disappointed with the results. “Right now we’re taking pre-orders we’re hoping to have on the shirts overnighted by our vendor in Minnesota,” said Rita Phillips of the ISU Bookstore. “They’re working printing them as fast as they can and hoping to get those overnight here.”

Some of the customers of the store have suggested their own ideas for a Sweet16 T-shirt.

“We have a lot of customers asking us for a combo shirt Sweet 16 with the men and the women one in the front one on the back,” said Phillips. “Unfortunately with the NCAA rules and trademark rules, we are unable to do a commemorative shirt like that.”

While they wait on the Sweet 16 shirts to arrive, the shop is already looking ahead to what its next rush order could be. “We’ve already been contacted by vendors this morning about placing contingency orders for Final Four product,” said Phillips. “That’s what we’re doing this morning is trying to figure out how many pieces would we order for the Final Four.