High school baseball teams across Siouxland have first practice of 2020


Out at Hinton, the Blackhawks were fired up about getting out on the field.

“It’s just excitement. We haven’t been out here playing sports in a long time,” said Kyle Brighton, a senior. “Especially because track and golf got cancelled and it’s just really exciting to get out here and play baseball.”

“I was finally going to have a senior year with graduation getting cancelled and prom getting cancelled,” said senior Tate Kounkel. “It was nice for us seniors to get one last go round with baseball and everything. It’s a abeautiful day out, it can’t get much better than baseball season.”

And it may take a few days for the Blackhawks to hit their stride, but they’re ready to work.

“First couple of days you want to knock the rust off, all of these guys have been going out and playing catch as much as they can,” Justin Kirwan, another senior, said. “But the first day of practice you’re gonna have some rust, but, you gotta be able to knock that off and keep moving.”

“I think we’re gonna be able to knock off that rust, we got a good group here,” Kounkel said. “We got some good pitchers, we got some good hitters that hit over 300-350. So I think we’re gonna be ready to go.”

But it wasn’t just Hinton, it was everywhere, including Remsen, where the St. Mary’s Hawks were rearing to go.

“It’s great to actually get back out here on the field again. Before we were just going out to shops and cages,” said Skyler Waldschmitt, a senior. “But it’s better to get out here to try and toss the ball as far as we can and hit on the field so that’s exciting.”

Despite temperatures in the upper 90s, the Hawks were just happy to get out of the house for the first time in a couple of months.

“Everyone is gonna be a little bit rusty coming out after you’ve been off for so long. But I can tell that everyone is excited to be out here, they’re pumped to get out there,” said junior Blaine Harpenau. “Even though it’s insanely hot out today, everyone is here to work and get better. Everyone is focused on the season.”

“We’re all ready to get to work,” said Spencer Schorg. “We want to get down to the state tournament and we want to get to the championship game. And the only way we accomplish that is come into practice every day with a positive vibe and be ready to get better every day.”

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