Stanley heeds training advice from Peyton and Eli at Manning Passing Academy

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Hawkeyes senior QB was one of just two Big Ten quarterbacks who attended the June camp

Iowa quarterback Nate Stanley had a unique experience this summer, getting a taste of quarterback royalty for a few days at the Manning Passing Academy.

The Hawkeyes senior was one of two Big Ten Conference quarterbacks to attend the June camp. He said he received tips about his training from both Peyton and Eli.

“It was an awesome experience, just being able to meet those guys, see their training regiment, see what they do as far as drills, footwork. Then obviously getting to sit down with them for a little bit, pick their brain on how they prepare mentally and physically for the season,” Stanley said at Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. “Most of the interaction that we had with them was out on the field. We did have a little bit of time where we sat down and could fire questions at them, but I think the biggest thing that I took away was just the different drills that they do and the intention they have behind their drills to make it as game-like as possible.”

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