State Farm announced Tuesday that it signed Iowa’s Caitlin Clark to its roster — the first college player to join a team that includes the NFL’s Patrick Mahomes and NBA’s Chris Paul.

Clark’s already got the branding down, if her tweet about the deal and her quote in the news release are any indication.

“State Farm is a team that looks out for others, which is exactly the kind of legacy I want to leave beyond the basketball court,” Clark said. “I’m honored to be the first college athlete to join the Good Neighbor team — in khakis of course — and look forward to growing the women’s game together.”

State Farm is planning on a long-term relationship with the Hawkeyes star.

“Sports marketing is a key part of our growth strategy, and our investment over the last several decades has shown great business impact,” said Kristyn Cook, Chief Agency, Sales and Marketing Officer for State Farm. “Welcoming Caitlin Clark to our team expands and strengthens our ability to positively impact communities and reinforces our commitment to raising the visibility of women’s sports. As a fellow Good Neighbor, we can’t wait to drive progress forward together with Caitlin for years to come.”

Who knows when Clark, a Kansas City Chiefs fan who spoke about Mahomes on Monday at Big Ten Media Days, might show up next to the quarterback on a TV screen near you.

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Caitlin Clark with “Jake from State Farm” and, um… khakis. (Contributed photo)