For many, the dream of being in athletics after college is just that, a dream, but for former Morningside Mustang Shane Hennen, he made his dream a reality.

“My job is just to give kids in this community and surrounding communities the opportunities to get better,” Shane said.

Shane is the Sanford Basketball Academy coordinator, helping basketball players of all ages in Siouxland take their game to the next level.

“I’m just in charge of coordinating events as far as camps go, workouts go, skill workouts, all the way from kindergarten to pro players.”

And while Shane loves his job now, it was only possible due to him taking a leap of faith after graduating from Morningside.

“I actually got a job at a marketing agency, and I was doing training in basketball, and coaching just on the side. That agency actually closed doors and got bought out, so I had to a choice to make,” he said. “Was I going to go all-in on basketball, or was I going to see with the marketing gig? I chose to bet on myself and go all-in on basketball.”

The bet paid off, with Shane getting the chance to even travel to Germany recently to work with former Kentucky Wildcat Reid Travis.

“I went to Germany for two weeks to work with Reid. He had just got done playing at Kentucky. He’s over there playing overseas ball. And the goal was to get back to the skill training. When you’re with a team you don’t get to work on as much skill work as you do in the summertime,” Shane said. “So getting out there, just working with him for two weeks was great. Hopefully, he comes back here this summer, and we have a whole roster full of pro guys this summer working out with us.”

For Shane, it was a dream come true to work in basketball after graduation. And now, he’s the one helping local hoopers with the same goal: to continue their love of the game.