Dakota Valley’s Paul and Isaac Bruns playing against each other to keep their skills sharp


It might not be ideal, but a driveway in Jefferson, South Dakota has become the training facility for the Bruns brothers: Paul and Isaac.

“Right now obviously we’re not able to play with our friends, our teammates, get into the gym with the coaches, so we’re just doing whatever we can at home,” said Paul.

Not every player gets the chance to live with one of their teammates, and these two are making the most of their situation.

“It’s definitely nice, a lot of people don’t have a brother or someone to go play with,” Isaac said. “So you can work on your moves then use them to compete with someone that’s really good and will make you better “

“It’s definitely fun playing with my brother,” said Paul. “he was one of the best players on our team last year so he can hang with me and try to make me better and I try to make him better.”

The two are constantly playing one on one, trying to replicate real game situations, and it’s helping the two boost their skills.

“We’re definitely improving. Paul’s really good and it’s fun to play against him. I can work on my moves, shooting, and everything,” said Isaac.

Those games can get a little aggresive, but at the end of the day, they’re still family after all.

“We were doing everything together during the season so we have a good relationship. It gets competitive sometimes but that’s what makes us better so it’s fun,” Paul said.

With the COVID-shortened 2020 season behind them, Paul and Isaac are looking forward to their last ride together at the high school level.

“I know all of our guys that are coming back next season are really excited about the season and the opportunity we have,” said Paul. “And for me to get to work out with one of my teammates is pretty fun and I know all the guys are trying to get better too.”

“Hopefully we can play next season and we’ll be ready to make another run at state and hopefully we can play that one,” Isaac said.

With their driveway as their temporary court, the Bruns brothers should be ready to go when they need to be.

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