SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU)- With their first game of the season at Kansas State just over three weeks away, the Coyotes are ramping up its fall practices and are ready for the competition.

USD comes into the season after going 7-5 last year. The Coyotes showed bright spots last season, taking down three ranked teams. Their performance throughout the season was good enough for South Dakota to earn a playoff berth, in which they fell to Southern Illinois in the first round. That game is one that the Coyotes have looked back on and have used as fuel for the upcoming season.

Overall, South Dakota hopes the intensity of its intra squad drills can help make them better both individually and as a team.

“In the first round of the playoffs, we lost. Everyone knows we should have won that game and we understand kind of what’s at stake right now and we know that this team right now…this is a really good team. We know we’re a little bit younger, a little bit on the lighter side. But, we can fly around and you saw that at today’s practice. Guys were hitting each other, guys were flying around. So, that’s important to me. I love it. I’m a quarterback, I don’t get hit but I love seeing the hitting. I think it’s good stuff,” Coyotes quarterback Carson Camp said.