DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — By now Iowa Hawkeye fans and fans of Caitlin Clark have become somewhat accustomed to witnessing jaw-dropping logo shots, and pinpoint passing as the West Des Moines Dowling grad racks up points along with assists to her teammates.

At the Iowa Girls High School Basketball Tournament teams wear different colors, but many are fans of Clark.

“She distributes to her teammates a lot, she recognizes them more than herself and she’s very selfless on and off the floor,” said Kinley Bladckburn a freshman member of the Fremont Mills Girls Basketball Team. We have not been to the state tournament in a while and that’s definitely a goal for us just to see that it’s possible it helps us a lot.”

The girls made the trip from western Iowa as a way to serve as inspiration for their next season.

“I didn’t watch the game, but when I got on my phone after I was done working out,” said Ryleigh Ewalt, a sophomore. “I was scrolling there was not a post without Caitlyn Clark mentioning it at all. You see these top-notch football players, Patrick Mahomes, all these people commenting on her that’s pretty amazing.”

“When she gets hot she feeds it to everybody, and everybody else up on picks up on her, her energy,” said Macy Mitchell, a junior on the team. “I like that she doesn’t just give up like if things are going her way she keeps going.”

The surging growth in women’s basketball is also noted by the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners Women’s basketball team. Jennie Baranczyk is a former Iowa Hawkeye and former head Drake Women’s Basketball Coach.

“I think we’re so cool about the state of this state tournament, we’re able to come and watch a lot of these girls playing on a really really high stage,” said Baranczyk.  “I think obviously what Caitlin Clark, is able to do as an Iowa girl, you look at Sahara Williams is coming to Oklahoma, young kids to be able to look at some of these players on this big stage it’s really fun to see.”

The Oklahoma Coach said she sees women’s basketball growing in popularity nationwide.

“I think there’s a lot of support for women’s basketball and I’m proud to be from here, and see it continue to grow, definitely growing on a national level as well,” said Baranczyk.