SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – The Miracle League is a special organization that’s championed nationwide, providing avenues for children with disabilities to play baseball and be treated like any other athlete. That mission is carried out each year by the Sioux City chapter, highlighted by its Fall Ball series where local teams come out to assist and cheer on the young sluggers.

Today’s guests came from Briar Cliff baseball and Bishop Heelan basketball, serving as buddies for the children in a fun-filled day on the rubberized diamond. Plenty of hits were notched, bases rounded, and continuous smiles to go around for attendees of all ages. Though it was a first time for some, all can agree it’s a heart-warming experience and an impact that extends much farther than the game of baseball.

“It’s been a tradition for our program to come out here and serve our community and also give these kids opportunities to play baseball,” Briar Cliff senior pitcher and infielder Matt Delgado said. “Being a baseball team I think it’s important to being able to pass it forward to all these kids that are in need of assistance to make their dreams of true and giving them the opportunity to play. Just to see the smiles that everybody has here from our actions of giving back. It’s something that I can’t really explain. It’s a great warm feeling that I have and I know a lot of my teammates have that same feeling as well.”