SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – It’s not everyday a former MLB player makes his way to Siouxland, as one longtime Boston Red Sox player and current Savannah Bananas pitcher Bill Lee stopped up in Spencer to spend time with our American Legion baseball teams in Northwest Iowa.

A Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer and current southpaw for baseball’s most entertaining team The Savannah Bananas, Total Baseball Development and the NW Iowa Legion teams of the Iowa Great Lakes hosted the 76 year-old legend for a scrimmage with the Okoboji’s this evening.

Though Bill “Spaceman” Lee has been a part of baseball at every level for the better part of 6 decades, it’s the simplicity of the game that’s led the national baseball treasure back to small towns in Siouxland, recently visiting Ruthven last summer to reunite with friend and G-T/R-A head baseball coach Bob Protexter.

A larger than life figure with an infectious love for America’s Pastime, who wants to share it with the next generation of players.

“It’s baseball, there’s no clock. You don’t see any watch here. It can go on and it can be quick it can be 51 minutes or it can be 4 hours. And I live east of Eden, so if you live east of Eden, you don’t have to go to hope. Just stay where you are. It’s America, it’s apple pie, and it’s baseball above all things,” Bill Lee said.