Over the past seven seasons, the Sioux City Bandits have won three league championships. But it’s some recent playoff disappointment that’s driving the team this postseason. 

Last year, the Bandits lost in the first round of the playoffs to cap off a some-what frustrating season.

This season, they’ve already surpassed that mark, rolling past Bismarck 82-43 in last weekend’s first round and now gearing up for a rivalry game with Omaha.

If the Bandits can get by the Beef, they’ll play for another title, and that’s this teams’ ultimate goal.

“We have enough veterans on this team, from year’s past that have won championships and have gotten bounced from the playoffs early last year,” said Head Coach Erv Strohbeen. “We have enough veterans of other teams that are on this team that they know what’s at stake. They know what their goal is.

“I think an early exit last year is definitely not sitting with the coaching staff, the owners, and the guys that played in that game last year. The guys that we brought in have bought in to what we’re trying to do and they want to get this ring as well.”

Kick off between the Bandits and Beef is at 7:05 on Saturday night down at the Tyson.