Arena Sports Academy to offer online sports skills lessons to young athletes


With Governor Reynolds restricting large groups of people, many gyms in Sioux City, like the Arena Sports Academy, are empty. But they have a plan to make sure that the young athletes in Siouxland still have a way to play. Starting next week, the Arena is going to offer online skills classes on their Facebook page for all of the sports they offer: basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and dance.

“We as a group got together and thought to ourselves ‘how can we be of service to our community and be a beacon of hope as well in this uncertain time,'” said Dustin Cooper, the Arena’s Executive Director.

“Well it was very important to us that it was free to access, and so we started looking at different ways we could do that,” said Arena partner Jeff Carlson. “And what we’re going with currently is Facebook Live, because almost everyone has a Facebook account, everyone’s parents have Facebook accounts”

The Arena’s goal is to provide a sense of routine to kids and families, where otherwise there may not be one.

“I think that it is important for families to have some sort of routine. Even if it means just getting up, getting dressed, having breakfast as a family,” Cooper said. “And what this is going to do is allow parents to have a resource so they do not have to develop that sports curriculum themselves”

And it won’t be all about working out, The Arena wants to make sure they’re providing all sorts of sports activities.

“We’re going to train the brain as well. We’re going to have some classroom settings in the schedule where we’re going to talk about character intangibles, and what it means to have integrity,” Cooper continued.

“We may do some different things with younger kids like picture drawings and things like that. We may do some different essays on history and the history of Sioux City sports,” said Carlson. “We just want to make sure what we’re doing is engaging.”

The Arena will release their upcoming Facebook schedule on Friday on their page, where you can see everything they plan to offer.

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