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Which Deadpool backpack is best?

Deadpool is hands down the most intriguing character in the Marvel Comics Universe. He’s witty, weird and yet somehow remains charming. He’s also incredibly deadly and not afraid to take on a challenge from his toughest enemies. This unique superhero has seen his fame rise since the creation of the Deadpool film series. Along with his newfound glory has come a lot of merchandise for fans to enjoy.

Deadpool backpacks are a very popular product to boast of your love of this quirky anti-hero. The best Deadpool backpack is the Loungefly Deadpool 30th Anniversary Backpack. which is covered in Funko Pop graphics showing the character in various goofy outfits and poses.

What to know before you buy a Deadpool backpack

Deadpool’s story 

Deadpool’s origin story is both sad and unique. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer as an adult and to save his own life, he agreed to undergo an experimental procedure. The result was multifaceted in that it did save his life but it left his skin horribly disfigured. It gave him extraordinary healing and physical powers. As he began to understand his abilities, he vowed to take down the man who was responsible for the experiment that left him in his current state.

Deadpool’s weapons

Even though Deadpool has strong physical strength, he still opts to use various weapons. Katanas are the main parts of his kit. You’ll notice these weapons in many of the images on Deadpool backpacks. He’s also known to use pistols, assault rifles and a fair amount of explosive grenades.


Unicorns are another image you’ll see associated with Deadpool. His relationship with them is rather unorthodox considering he’s a grown adult. Nonetheless, Deadpool is a big fan of unicorns. You can see him holding stuffed unicorn plushies in his films and even riding a unicorn through a grocery store. This obsession is represented in various pieces of merchandise. 

What to look for in a quality Deadpool backpack

Laptop sleeve

This convenient sleeve is located on the interior and often uses a strap to keep it in place. It’s always snug against your back so your laptop is between the back padding of the bag and the sleeve. Laptop sleeves can vary by size but you can expect to be able to fit a 15-inch laptop in most sleeves.

Top carry handle

Exterior handles are an underrated part of most backpacks. The best type of top handles uses a rubber casing to ensure the fabric is protected. However, even without the rubber casing, a top carry handle is useful. These straps let you carry your bag instead of having it on your back. They’re most useful for those in-between moments when you’re shifting belongings or maneuvering around.

Funko Pop

Funko Pop is a toy manufacturer that creates adorable anime-style figures of pop-culture icons. Deadpool has appeared in several different Funko! forms, including as a live-action role player (LARP), a Roman senator, a Bob Ross lookalike and a flamenco dancer. Funko! also worked in collaboration with bag maker Loungefly to create a Deadpool backpack.. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Deadpool backpack

Deadpool backpacks cost $40-$75.

Deadpool backpack FAQ

Are Deadpool backpacks good quality?

A. If you are purchasing a backpack from a well-known manufacturer such as Loungefly or Bioworld, you can be sure you’re getting a good-quality Deadpool backpack. If you’re shopping on Amazon, avoid companies that don’t have an official webstore.

Are there keychains and pins to go with Deadpool backpacks?

A. Yes. In fact, Loungefly makes a series of Deadpool keychains and pins designed to go with its Deadpool backpack. These are officially licensed from Marvel and the pins show Deadpool riding a moped and singing karaoke. There’s also an official Deadpool chimichanga pin.

What’s the best Deadpool backpack to buy?

Top Deadpool backpack

Loungefly Deadpool 30th Anniversary Backpack

Loungefly Deadpool 30th Anniversary Backpack

What you need to know: This limited-edition Deadpool backpack comes from a collaboration with Loungefly and Funko Pop.

What you’ll love: Taking from the Funko Pop style, this bag is patterned with small images of Deadpool in various silly outfits and poses. The interior is lined with the Deadpool logo and the number 30 to represent the anniversary of the superhero.

What you should consider: The back of the bag is made of faux leather, which may get hot in the summer months.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Deadpool backpack for the money

Bioworld Deadpool Tactical Backpack

Bioworld Deadpool Tactical Backpack

What you need to know: This all-black backpack shows your discreet love of Deadpool while remaining practical for everyday use.

What you’ll love: This backpack was modeled after motorcycle bags, so if you’re a rider like Deadpool, you’ll appreciate its sleek style, numerous exterior pockets and straps, and the aerodynamic design.

What you should consider: This backpack doesn’t scream “I’m a Deadpool fan.”

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bioworld Deadpool Junk Food Backpack

Bioworld Deadpool Junk Food Backpack

What you need to know: Join Deadpool in his love of junk food with this backpack that combines the two with colorful graphics.

What you’ll love: This simple, everyday backpack is covered in pizza and tacos, two of Deadpool’s favorite foods. Mixed in with the all-over graphics are images of Deadpool’s mask, his favorite katanas and unicorns. There’s also bullets, lips and hearts mixed in. 

What you should consider: Other than the exterior pouch, this backpack is limited on pockets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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