HINTON, Iowa (KCAU) – As a businesswoman, she is changing laws in Iowa, as a friend, she’s helping others reach their goals, and as a wife, she’s a loving caregiver for her husband.

“You know you just don’t take anything for granted ever, because everything is a gift, and tomorrow isn’t promised,” said Rosanne Plante, a Remarkable Women finalist.

In 2017, Rosanne’s world was turned upside down when her husband was involved in a deadly car accident, she was told he wouldn’t survive.

“She said no he’s not, he’s not going to die, and she did everything in her power to make sure that was going to happen,” said Ellen McGovern, Roseanne’s friend.

“We sat at vigil at his bedside for nearly two weeks as he was in a coma, and we prayed for him to come out of the coma which he did,” said Rosanne.

Chad Plante suffered a traumatic brain injury. He’s had three years of rehabilitation. Part of his therapy has been out in the garden supporting the couple’s Green Ambassador program.

“We created the platform together. We had gardened here at our acres and grown so much food. We couldn’t eat it all, so we donated it to the Gospel Mission. Gardening offers a wide range of exercises and range of motion exercises that we were able to accelerate his recovery,” said Rosanne.

“Walking through a garden in soft, unstable soil, it’s hard to walk on and just having to bend over to pick up weeds and stuff like that,” said Chad Plante, Rosanne’s husband.

While helping her husband reach new milestones, Rosanne still manages to make time for those around her.

“Everything that she has done is just amazing. I look to her as a role model, she is an inspiration to me personally there’s nothing she can’t do. She figures it out, she’s brilliant, she’s really smart,” said McGovern.

McGovern nominated Rosanne as a Remarkable Woman in her life. They met through her business, Worldwide Pageants.

“She’s been very helpful to me. When I needed help with my pageants, some different things, as she is a lawyer, she was able to help me quite a bit with that,” said McGovern.

Rosanne is the founder of the Second Opinion Legal Center. She’s using her skills as an attorney to help Iowa families.

“I am a new lobbyist for a Family United Action Network, where we are trying to rewrite the custody laws here in Iowa and the family law. So that Iowa families are strengthened and it makes a stronger Iowa.”

Roseanne has stood by her husband while lending a helping hand to friends and moving forward with her career. She hopes to be an inspiration to people who have lost sight of their goals because of tragedy.

“We want to be the beacon that with therapy, hard work, faith, and tenacity, you can move on and your life can be just as good, if not better,” said Rosanne.

Rosanne says she hopes her story will help other people realize that a traumatic brain injury does not define a person and their abilities.