SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — All through Women’s History Month of March, KCAU 9 has been highlighting Remarkable Women across Siouxland. These women inspire, lead and help forge the way for other women.

We’ve featured Melissa Studer from Emmetsburg, Iowa, who helps people in the medical field and runs her own business.

You’ve also met Rachel Langenhorst of Larchwood, Iowa, a teacher who shares her talent with others.

Another nominee was Hilda Pearson from Wayne, Nebraska, who is always on the go, expressing her love through food.

And last but not least is Treyla Lee of Sioux City, Iowa, someone who has served in many leadership roles in local non-profits, and this year’s winner of our 2023 Remarkable Women contest.

Treyla Lee, the winner of the 2023 Siouxland’s Remarkable Women contest

Treya Lee embodies everything you think of when you imagine a Remarkable Woman, having had her hand in just about any organization or program you could think of.

As the winner of the Remarkable Women contest, Lee has won a trip to Los Angeles to compete in a nationwide Remarkable Women contest. She also wins a $1,000 donation to the cause of her choice. She announced she will donate her winnings to Women Aware.

Siouxland’s Remarkable Women is part of a nationwide Nexstar Media initiative to honor the influence that women have had on public policy, social progress and the quality of life.