Youth hunters prepare for hunting season


On Sunday, kids from 7 to 17 years old spent the day learning how to properly and safely handle hunting guns.

WASHTA, Iowa (KCAU) – On Sunday kids in Washta, Iowa spent their morning training for the upcoming hunting season.

On Sunday, kids from 7 to 17 years old spent the day learning how to properly and safely handle hunting guns. A priority for both the kids and adults at the range.

“When I was little my dad would always go out pheasant hunting and I always wanted to come with and deer hunting and I just like it because I’ve done it a lot,” said Ty Schlichting, a youth hunter.

“My dad really got me started shooting and it has always been a really good way to bond with him,” said Joshua Lauck, a youth hunter.

For many of the kids at Peasant’s Forever Youth Shooting event, learning how to use rifles properly gives them an opportunity to have some extra bonding time with their dads.

“This is a skill and hobby that these kids can use when they are 90 and above,” said Brian Lauck, the youth chair for Cherokee County Pheasant’s Forever.

Even though the event was full of kids having fun, they also recognized just how dangerous guns can be.

The International Hunter Education Association says about 1,000 hunting accidents occur a year.

“We like to teach the kids the safety how to properly use the shotguns and rifles their a tool just like a hammer so we want to teach these kids the proper way to use these tools,” said Lauck.

“They teach you like the safeties of a gun and how to shoot one,” said AJ Wolcott, a youth hunter.

Officials say gun education is key to responsibly passing on the hobby to the next generation of hunters.

“They are gonna want to know what it is anyways so to teach them rather than have them figure it out on their own is a safer way,” said Joshua Lauck.

“An incident can happen at any time or anywhere,” said Conley Ginger, a youth hunter.

Allowing them to safely take part in family traditions, One shot at a time.

“I like watching the kids shoot them having a good time. Watching them break their first clay and shooting that then rink it’s just a lot of fun watching the smilies when the kids shoot so that’s the reward right there,” said Lauck.

At the end of October, these kids will be back with their rifles in hand ready to go a youth hunting trip together.

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