Does Iowa still deserve to still have “First in the Nation’ status, after Democrats caucus app issues?

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Just like every four years, the debate is on as to if Iowa deserves it’s ‘First in the Nation’ status.

After Monday’s massive caucus fail, the heat is being turned up.

KCAU 9’s Tim Seaman talked with our own and Nexstar’s Political Correspondent, Dave Price, during an interview on Tuesday night about this debate.

“Iowa is really in a bad spot here the way the caucuses have gone down here and if you think about it, this is really the third time there have been major problems. I think going into this process there was already a lot of criticism about why Iowa should remain first and that criticism has been magnified by so many times because of all the problems this time,” said Price.

“Do you think that the pressure that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) put on Iowa four years ago can be attributed for any of this problem?” asked Seaman.

“There’s no doubt that the required changes from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are the reason the party had to do something and so, in the end, they decided to try this phone app thinking the technology would be the way that the results could get in more quickly and the whole process could be more transparent since, in the end, they would be releasing more numbers. The one part about all of this that will be forgotten is that the initial caucusing process went better. No doubt you are hearing from some people saying if the DNC wouldn’t have required all of this then maybe it wouldn’t have gone down the way it did. In the end, it is what it is and there were numerous problems and now Iowa Democrats have to figure out if can they salvage the states image going forward,” said Price.

“If these results hold up with about 2/3 reported, how important was the ground game that both Sanders and Buttigieg had here in Iowa to their placing?” asked Seaman.

“Yea, that ground game might get overlooked but we could really sense that the resources that Bernie Sanders had put into this campaign and Pete Buttigieg put in really paid off in the end. Really the way you look at the Sanders campaign, he already ran in 2016 and worked all this time to stay connected with Iowans. On Pete Buttigieg side, they spent a lot of time early and invested in a lot of resources across the state and they really focused on those counties that in 2016 switched. Where in the past they supported Barack Obama and then they flipped over to Donald Trump. There were roughly a third of Iowa’s counties that did that. Those were the areas they thought they could make an impact in and they were really thinking about it in ways Obama did in 2007 and 2008 when he was campaigning and it looks like at least according to those early numbers, Buttigieg was successful in doing that,” said Price.

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