SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Candidates for Woodbury County Attorney spent some time taking questions from voters Thursday night. Both are longtime county employees.

Democrat P.J. Jennings has held the office for 16 years. Republican challenger James Loomis has served as an Assistant County Attorney for 19 years. A hall full of Siouxlanders sat down with the pair at Hardline Coffee.

“You know a lot of folks don’t pay too much attention to the County Attorney’s office other than seeing what we do in the paper. And so it’s good that they can hear us directly from us and get to know us a little bit,” said Jennings.

“I think it’s important for just the voters to be able to see and listen to what the candidates have to say so they can evaluate and weigh and make a decision. And make the right decision that right for them,” said Loomis.

Jennings ran unopposed in the June primary election. Loomis outdistanced fellow assistant Jacklyn Fox by 144 votes to advance.