SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Multiple open seats for the Sioux City school board have been claimed after a day of voting.

According to Woodbury County’s unofficial election results, four people were voted onto the School Board of Directors for a full term. They are Treya Lee with 3530 votes, Earl Miller with 3074 votes, Lance Ehmcke with 2887 votes, and John Meyers with 2791 votes.

In an at-large vacant seat, Board President Dan Greenwell succeeded over Semehar Ghebrekidan in getting the majority of the votes, claiming 57.4%, or 3,536 votes. This seat will fill a two-year vacancy after former member Perla Alarcon-Flory left.

Hamman was selected in July to fill a short period until November after former member Alarcon-Flory announced she was relocating. Ghebrekidan also applied to fill the seat.

Earlier in September, Greenwell announced his intention to run for re-election. Current board members Taylor Goodvin, Monique Scarlett, and Bernie Scolaro announced they were not seeking re-election.