SAC COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) — The school bond measures for the Schaeller-Crestland Community School District failed.

Voters headed to the polls on Tuesday night for local elections in Iowa. The bond measures were just one of many items on ballots around the Siouxland area.

According to unofficial election results, the first measure failed with 274 votes (35.5%) for and 497 against. The second measure failed with 271 (35.1%) votes for 500 votes against. Both measures required a 60% voter majority to pass.

The Schaller-Crestland Community School District asked for $15 million to help improve the elementary school.

The school said that they would like to provide more modern learning facilities to the students since education has changed since the school was last updated.

“The building itself needs to be updated and 21st-century learning looks different than it did then, we’re looking to build those collaborative spaces for students in the classrooms to give them a more modernized experience,” Bisenius said in a prior interview.

Those living in the area of the school district voted on two different measures in order for the building project to be approved. The first would allow an increase in taxes in the area to pay for the project and the second would approve the use of the $15 million.

“Essentially if your house is assessed at, for residential purposes, if your house is assessed at 100,000 dollars, that’s going to increase your taxes right around $17 a month,” Bisenius said.

The total population of Early, Nemaha, and Schaller is about 1,400 people. So, if everyone votes, nearly 850 people would need to vote yes to pass.