CROFTON, Neb. (KCAU) — A recall election for a city council member in Crofton, Nebraska, has failed.

The Knox County Clerk’s Office provided unofficial totals from Tuesday’s recall and special election. Those results showed those opposed to recalling Council Member James Murphy outnumbered the yes ballots, 222 to just 82. Mail-in ballots were due back by 5 p.m.

There was also a special election on Tuesday for the City of Crofton to decide on sales and use tax. That passed with 166 votes for and 140 against.

A second city council member, Larry Peitz, is still facing a recall. Knox County Election Commissioner Joann Fischer confirmed to KCAU 9 that the Peitz recall election will be held on November 14.

This election comes after a dispute between Mayor Robert Evans and former Police Chief John Carter that resulted in his and another officer’s contracts not being extended. Carter circulated the petition for recall against Evans. He also circulated a recall petition against Evans, which failed to get the required number of signatures.