IOWA (KCAU) — 2022 Midterm Elections are still months away, but Iowa counties have begun recruiting poll workers.

August 16 is designated as “Help America Vote Day” which is used by County Auditors to encourage people to sign-up to be poll workers.

Iowa’s Secretary of State, Paul Pate, said all 99 counties are constantly in need of citizens to step up and serve as poll workers.

“These are folks that are your friends, neighbors, folks you go to church with. It gives you that transparency and comfort that elections are being run properly. So we need those folks we have almost 1,700 voting precincts in the state of Iowa. So we try to get well over 10,000 folks signed up to be that person on site to make sure your voting experience is a good one,” said Secretary Pate.

Workers will be paid for the training session and for Election Day.

Siouxlanders who want to know more information or sign up to be a poll worker can do so by visiting this website.