DES MOINES, IOWA — Election day is here and that means all hands on deck for the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. To make sure the election is as secure as possible the office works with many other state and federal agencies to monitor any and all security threats.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate said that on top of the monitoring his office and other agencies do there are many security measures in how we vote as well.

“We remind voters on a regular basis so they have confidence in the elections we’ve got voter id to make sure its a real person voting. We have the pretesting of those tabulators, they’re not hooked up to the internet. We have the secret weapon your poll workers your friends and neighbors who run the elections that give me the confidence that all 99 counties have that level of professionalism and consistency, and of course you have post election audits.” Pate said.

Cybersecurity is also something the Secretary’s Office is taking seriously.

“We really feel good about the fact that for the first time at least to my knowledge we have all 99 counties election offices working with us and OCIO for cybersecurity, so they have the protections so there isn’t a weak link we all have the things for keeping us from being tampered with whether it be malware or someone hacking in which means were all safe on all fronts.” Pate said.

Secretary Pate said that if voters witness any potential security issues to report them to their local county auditors office immediately.