Iowa Democrats prepare for 2020 Caucuses

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PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) – In 2008, nearly 240,000 Iowans participated on caucus night.

It’s a record turnout that could be topped in less than two weeks when Iowans again list their preferences for president.

However, in Republican-controlled Sioux and Plymouth county, finding volunteers is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

“I know how important it is, and how it affects me, and how it affects my family, and how it affects all Iowans, and Americans and it’s just too important to stay home,” said Mark Sturgeon, Plymouth County Democrats Chairman.

However, he is running into a roadblock in what is a predominantly Republican county. That is finding enough caucus night volunteers.

“We still have two precincts we have to find some volunteers and I’ve been working on that for half a year now. People don’t mind going out to vote for the most part. But when you’re asking them to come and show up, and not just that night, but a few nights beforehand to prepare, and things like that it’s a bigger task,” said Sturgeon.

It’s a similar challenge for Kim Van Es, Sioux County Democrats Vice Chairwoman.

“It can be challenging to get people to lead each precinct, and I have to do quite a bit of flattery, bribery, to get enough leaders, and tell them you can do this and I’m going to help you,” said Van Es.

However, Van Es says the steady diet of Democratic candidates through the county is helping.

“I think with this caucus you’re going to see an increase in democratic registrations and a high percentage of Democrats in the county,” said Van Es.

After Iowa’s record-setting caucus participation in 2008 Iowa, Democratic leaders are saying a new caucus record is not out of the question next month. Even if volunteers are hard to come by.

“Participate in something that is available to us not all people around the world have a say in who their leaders are but we do,” said Van Es.

“It’s important as a citizen to be involved in your politicians and your policies because it affects your life,” said Sturgeon.

As a reminder, if you are going out to participate in the caucuses check the location it may be different and check your registration status, you can do so by clicking here.

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