DES MOINES, IOWA (WHO) — Debates have been used in the past as a way for voters to see and hear candidates defend their policy actions and ideas.

It is looking likely that there will be some sort of debate in the race for Iowa governor. Governor Kim Reynolds was publicly challenged on Tuesday by the Democratic Nominee Deidre DeJear.

“I didn’t think it was honestly my job to persuade her to do that. But I am letting her know in these moments that this is what our decision is,” said DeJear as she stood in the World War II Memorial Plaza in Des Moines.

DeJear held a press conference to speak to her supporters and media members about her request for three debates with the governor.

“This is the way we have traditionally done things related to getting our message out to people and showing a contrast where people can choose who they choose to vote for in an election process,” said DeJear.

DeJear at the press conference added there are a couple of non-profits and organizations that are working to set up a debate schedule. DeJear said she sent those organizations her dates and times she is able to take part in the debate, but the organizations had not heard back from Reynolds’ campaign.

“We have made our commitments on our end. They have heard zero communication from her (Reynolds),” said DeJear. “And as we try to finalize our schedule for the last 90 days of this campaign, it’s incredibly important that we have that solidified. We are going to have competing priorities. I do not want any priority to supersede us giving the people the opportunity to see us both debating.”

WHO 13 News reached out to Governor Reynolds’ campaign team to see if she is open to debating Deidre DeJear.

“The governor’s happy to debate. We’ll iron out those details as we approach the fall,” said a spokesperson for the Reynolds campaign.

Reynolds participated in three debates with the Democratic nominee at that time, Fred Hubbell.

It appears that if both candidates can find time in their campaign schedules there will be some debates. As we get closer to election day the time frame to hold those debates obviously gets smaller. DeJear wanted Reynolds to confirm dates and times so she could plan out the rest of her campaign.