(KCAU) — Ready to start having a say in what’s locally legal or not? Ready to start having a voice regarding who has the final say in the laws that affect your rights? Here’s how to get started in the Tri-State area.  

Getting involved in the politics that affect your daily life boils down to voting, so the first step is to ensure that you’re registered to vote. In Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, registration forms can be submitted online, in person, or by mail.  

Once you’ve registered to vote, you must decide if you’ll be voting in person, or through absentee voting (submitting your vote through the mail). To vote remotely, you’ll need to apply for an absentee ballot. Applications must be submitted with enough time to deliver the ballot to the proper precinct (voting locations in your area) before the polls close on election day. These deadlines will vary by state.  

The biggest step is familiarizing yourself with what you’ll be voting for. One way this can be done is by obtaining a sample ballot that has each item that’s being voted on. Sample ballots can be obtained by contacting your county auditor or visiting the county auditor’s website.  

There will be individual ballots for different areas of voting such as lawmakers, district judges, education, and more. Each representative is likely to have information available for you to research which candidate best aligns with your political values.  

Once you have completed your research and decided what to vote for, you’re ready for election day. Find your state below to find where you can get all the resources you need to vote on November 8.  

KCAU 9 will be working hard to bring live updates regarding the results of the elections, click here for your local election headquarters.  


Click here for all voter information from the Iowa Secretary of State.  

Click here for voter registration information.  

The deadline to apply for absentee ballots passed.

If you’ve applied for an absentee ballot, click here to track it.  

Click here to review what will be on the ballot.  

Click here to find where you can vote on election day.  


Navigate this page to find all voter information from the Nebraska Secretary of State.  

Online and mail-in voter registration expired on October 21. The last day to register to vote in person will be Friday, October 28. Click here to find where you can register.  

Click here for sample ballots. 

Click here to find where to vote 

South Dakota 

Click here for all voter information from the South Dakota Secretary of State.  

Click here for voter registration. Residents must register at least 15 days before Election Day.  

Click here for absentee voting information. Applications in South Dakota must be received by the County Election Official the day before the election.  

Click here for ballot information.  

Click here to find where to vote.