ONAWA, Iowa (KCAU)– Despite recent polls showing he’s losing support, there were plenty of people at Ron Desantis’ campaign stop in Onawa.

The Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom poll shows DeSantis now tied in support with former US ambassador Nikki Haley in Iowa. At today’s event at the Onawa Veterans Museum, the small space was filled with Siouxlanders interested in hearing what the Florida governor had to say, especially with the Republican caucus just over 2 months away.

Desantis told KCAU that border security is a priority for many Iowans he’s talked to.

“I think the attack on Israel has caused the border to become even more of a bigger issue in voters’ minds,” he said. “It was already one of the top, but man, I’ll tell you what, no matter where in Iowa I go, people are really concerned. They understand you have to have territorial integrity to your country, you have to be able to maintain your own sovereignty, you can’t just let people from all over the world that aren’t vetted, and of course our enemies that wanna do us harm on that.”

Former Iowa State Rep. Ralph Klemme has attended multiple Republican candidates’ events, and today marked his third town hall with DeSantis. Klemme said he’s already made up his mind on who he’s voting for.

“I think he’s the right leader for the right time,” he said. “He’s also someone that if elected, he isn’t a one-termer because he can run again, and those are all good things that we need for this country because we are in trouble, we need help.”

DeSantis’ visit to Onawa marked the 85th out of 99 counties he’s been to in Iowa. He followed up his tour of the state with a town hall in Grimes.