SIOUX COUNTY, Iowa (KELO) — Kendal Zylstra graduated from Dordt University this past weekend. Up until then he was a full time college student balancing a campaign. His opponent, Representative Skyler Wheeler, also started his career young, beginning his term at age 23.

Kendal Zylstra grew up surrounded by politics and farming. Now the 22-year-old Republican is hoping to share these passions by serving in the state house.

Zylstra is the youngest person running for office. A task he started while a full-time college student.

“So I was involved in a lot of different things, so managing a full course load while also running for office is definitely something that was a little bit stressful at times,” said Zylstra.

“We’ve been around the political environment and we encourage our students to engage in that, but it’s new to have a current student running for a state House seat, and that’s been fun,” said Dale Zevenbergen, director of the center for entrepreneurship and innovation at Dordt University.

The opponent, Rep. Skyler Wheeler, got his start in politics at 23 after moving to Iowa from Washington.

“Got really fired up. I’ve been in there and I’ve fought like crazy for Iowa,” said Rep. Wheeler.

Wheeler is active in the community, even coaching baseball, and is proud to represent his state and community.

“I love Iowa. There’s no other place in the United States that I would rather be in this state and I’m going to keep fighting like crazy for it,” said Rep. Wheeler.

Working to keep a diverse age range in the state’s politics.

“We need a good, diverse group of people that represent the good diverse people we have in Iowa,” said Zylstra.

Primary elections in Iowa are set to take place on June 7.