SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There is no major snowfalls in the forecast but there is another dangerous winter topic, black ice.

In winter there are several things that make driving very difficult. There’s blowing snow, creating slick roadways, visibility issues, and drifting. There’s snowfall amounts, the more snow on the ground, the harder it is for smaller vehicles to get around. There’s also fog that creates visibility issues and it can also freeze to the roadways causing black ice.

Black ice is caused by several things including snow melt, light rain, and fog, all of which have been happening in KELOLAND the last couple of days. Snow melting puts moisture on the road surface, and other areas in KELOLAND have been dealing with fog or freezing drizzle. So when the heat source, as in the sun, sets at night the moisture freezes.

Black ice can make the road look wet, but it is ice.

Slow down, give yourself extra space and time while driving