Web Exclusive: North Carolina woman caring for wildlife after Hurricane Dorian


ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) – Wildlife rehabilitators in North Carolina have taken in an influx of animals after Hurricane Dorian.

Some of the animals were blown out of their nests and injured from the fall.

Wildlife rehabilitator Lina Bateman says helping animals is her calling.

“I recently got my rehabilitation license through the state of North Carolina three years ago,” said Lina Bateman.

She’s used to taking in animals that need her help, but after Hurricane Dorian swept through, the calls kept coming in.

“I finally got out Friday afternoon, started getting calls by Saturday morning. I already had 25 squirrels and a few rabbits, and of course possums,” Bateman said.

Though she says some didn’t make it.

“Unfortunately, some of the nests are in pretty tall trees and we had some pretty bad winds Friday, so there’s no telling how far they were blown out, or how many branches they hit coming down, their little bodies are fragile,” Bateman said.

Others are getting the treatment they need.

“Some are already on medications because they have nicks or internal injuries,” she said.

Caring for these animals is a big job. The little ones have to be fed every four hours, and it can also get pretty expensive.

“The state, unfortunately, doesn’t pay for anything. Everything we do comes out of our pockets, vet costs, medications from the vet,” she said.

donation page has been set up to help offset the cost of the increasing bills. She says once the animals are nursed back to health, she’ll release them back into the wild.

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