Wayne officials look forward to new windfarm


Community leaders are excited to announce the Nebraska wind farm is set to open by November.

WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) – A new 200 million dollar wind farm is now just a few months from opening near Wayne, Nebraska.

The groundbreaking for Sholes Wind Farm was in July of last year but after more than a year of construction, community leaders are excited to announce the Nebraska wind farm is set to open by November.

“The wind is in Nebraska it’s going to be here the question is are we going to take advantage of it I hope that we do,” said Hansen.

John Hanson is the president of Nebraska Farmer’s Union. He says he and many other area farmers are excited to have these wind towers on their land.

“Anytime you can get a part-time job by having a turbine at your place or if you got a couple of part-time jobs. When prices are really low like they are now having a steady income is a good thing,” said Hanson.

Each year officials estimate the windmills will bring over a million dollars in taxes to the city of Wayne.

“We know that Nebraska does have a very strong wind resource and we want to take advantage of all of those resources whether it’s solar wind and nuclear whatever we got,” said Mike Foley the Lieutenant Governor State of Nebraska.

The governor’s office was in Wayne to tour the wind farm in celebration of American wind week. People in Wayne saying this new wind farm also means some new opportunities for their small town.

“We can be taking a lot of rural kids who want to stay in rural communities and give them the training and technology that they need to be able to get these good-paying jobs and stay in rural communities,” said Hanson.

Once these towers are turning, the sholes wind farm is expected to collect enough energy to power one thousand households every day.

“when you look at rural Nebraska we have done really well harnessing the natural resources that we already do and we like to think of it as value-added,” said Hanson.

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