Want to get hitched during a pandemic? Try a ‘mini-mony’.


(CNN) – The pandemic has forced many cancellations, from concerts to sporting events to graduation ceremonies.  However, the pandemic has also taken a major toll on weddings. 

Kelsy Gibson and Alex Ferrera knew they both loved “The Wedding Crashers” and knew what her dress looked like and which colors they’d use.

The two also knew they were going to have a perfect wedding. Then, in the Michigan cold, the worst crasher of all came calling.

“It’s so crazy.  We would have never thought this would happen,” said Gibson.

The pandemic swept away the pomp, the party, and the promise of two hundred guests sharing their special moment.

“Then there came the day when the honeymoon got canceled.  It just kept progressing like one item, like dominoes falling,” said Ferrera.

They’re not alone. Spring is typically the biggest wedding season of the year, but not this time according to a leading matrimonial site, theknot.com.  

“As we look at data, there was supposed to be a little over 500,000 weddings over the course of the last three months. So, tons of couples are rescheduling their weddings, getting married virtually and postponing their receptions for later,” said Jeffra Trumpower, senior creative director at theknot.com.

The Knot estimates the average couple employs more than a dozen vendors: dressmakers, florists, photographers, caterers, limo drivers, many of whom rely on the wedding trade. 

The industry is clawing its way back by embracing new tongue-in-cheek ideas like “delay the date” notices and supporting small, private services while awaiting the return of big celebrations.

“We are seeing what we call minimonies…So, bakeries are sending mini wedding cakes, florists are sending mini bouquets or maybe some centerpieces that the couple can enjoy,” said Trumpower.

As for Alex and Kelsy, as his company started making masks, and she dove into her work in public health…

“We talked to families about it, talked to our friends…” said Gibson and Ferrera. 

They loaded up a few close friends, some strict disinfecting rules, and their puppy and drove to a lakeshore and got married anyway, while their families watched online.

The virus made their big reception wait, but not their love, and…

“Our wedding was perfect in spite of the circumstances,” said Ferrera.

Gibson adds, “Our wedding was absolutely perfect even though it wasn’t planned.”

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