Vice President Pence speaks in Waukee, Iowa on USMCA


WAUKEE, Iowa (KCAU) – Vice President Mike Pence returned to Iowa with a familiar message today, Democrats in Congress need to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement.

The Vice President was speaking at Manning Agriculture in Waukee, Iowa.

Vice President Pence called on Iowans to push Iowa’s three congressional Democrats to vote for the trade deal with America’s neighbors to the north and south.

Pence noted that Democrats need to get to work for Americans.

“Democrats have been spending all their time on endless investigations and partisan impeachment. The American people deserve better, it is time for Congress to act. It is time for Congress to pass the USMCA,” Vice President Pence said.

Pence told the crowd that it has been 300 days since the leaders from all three nations agreed to the updated version of the former NAFTA Trade Deal signed by President Bill Clinton in the early ’90s.

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