From French, to Italian, British, even New York and Boston, we all love a unique accent.

Some you could say are even irresistible to us. 

Well did you know there is a science behind those sexy accents?

A dialect expert says certain accents can make us sound more educated and even more relatable. 

so care to guess what the sexiest accent is (well according to this survey)? 

French and Irish were the top winners. 

Irish tones won out because we think they are very musical.

The French accent was also on top because… well there is no actual reason! It’s just French!

The study didn’t stop there, it also looked at who we think have the greatest accents of all time.

For Americans, we think former James Bond actor Sean Connery’s accent is the greatest of all-time. That’s hard to argue!

In Britian, a surprising name won out.

They prefer the subtle Tennessee drawl of Morgan Freeman!