The dangers of texting & walking

This Morning

Texting our friends and family is something we all do on a daily basis.

We keep up with them; they keep up with us; texting is quickly becoming the most common form of communication.

We do this at all times of the day, even when we are hitting the pavement, and walking to where we have to go.

Texting and walking may seem like a low risk practice to do, but it can actually be dangerous, deadly even!

A new study by Stony Brook University estimates that the number of serious injuries from texting and walking has doubled from 2005-2010, with roughly 1,500 injuries!

Experts say those injuries are caused due to our inability to multitask. Having your face focused on your phone, causes you to lose your quick decision making when you are in the middle of traffic.

On ABC9 News This Morning, Jessica Rae and Elisa Raffa discussed the study, and whether they text and walk at the same time.

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