Study: lack of sleep can cause health issues

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We all know how important getting a good nights rest is, but did you know a lack of sleep can lead to a number of health related issues?

Well if it’s not at least six hours a night, you have an increased chance of getting sick.

A new study from “Sleep” Journal, found that the chances of your catching a cold goes up if you’re getting less than six hours of sack time.

How much more?

About four to five time more susceptible!

That’s not all. The study’s lead researcher says not enough sleep can impact our immune systems in a variety of ways. 

On top of that, mental alertness, driving ability and higher risk of heart attack can come from a lack of sleep. 

So how much sleep are you getting a night?!

On ABC9 News This Morning, Jessica Rae and Elisa Raffa discussed whether they are worried about the results from this study.

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