Study: apples are the fruit of choice for children.

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Do you love apples? From Granny Smith, to pink lady, to gala, to Macintosh, what’s not to love about apples?!

Well if you bite into an apple a day, you’re not alone.

A new study suggests apples are among the most popular fruits for American children.

The study shows that the popular fruit accounts for nearly 20% of fruit intake for those ages two to 19.

In fact, nearly half of all fruit consumption was made up of apples,  apple juice, citrus juice and bananas.

The study also found kids consumed one and a quarter cups of fruit daily, which is within the range of the U.S. Agriculture Department’s recommended one-to-two cups per day.

Whole fruit accounted for 53% of fruit intake among kids, while fruit juice accounted for 34%.

The study comes from the medical journal “Pediatrics.”

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