Rare Pocket Shark Discovered Near Louisiana

This Morning

New Orleans, LA (ABC News) – Scientists in New Orleans are researching an incredibly rare creature just found, a pocket shark.

The pocket shark is in fact so rare, only two have been found in the last 40 years!

The shark measures about five inches, and weighs about half an ounce.

The specimen was found in the Gulf of Mexico, right off the coast of Louisiana.

Scientists say it tells us how much we don’t know about the coast.

We are not sure what that is but that is one of the components on the shark we hope to learn more about and we hope with more research we will be able to describe,” says Mark Grace, a NOAA Scientist.

Scientists also hope to use a 3D imaging system to learn more about the fish.

The fish has been on a world wide tour for the past few months, with scientists hoping to learn more about the elusive species.

The first pocket shark was discovered 36 years ago.

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