Overweight dachshund trying to lose weight

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Let’s be honest, losing weight can be tough.

Getting started is the hardest part, but with proper dieting and exercise, the weight can come off in no time.

But when you are twice the size that you should be, it can be even harder.

That is where Vincent comes in. Vincent is a dachshund, or wiener dog, who weighs 38 pounds.

The loveable big “little” guy has had a rough go of it.

He was recently dropped off at a Houston pound when his owner passed away.

The shelter believes that his former owner fed him nothing but fast food, which caused the excess weight. Due to his size, there is a sizeable fear that he would never get adopted.

Enter Melissa Anderson.

Melissa is from an organization called K-9 Angels Rescue, and is currently fostering Vincent, and helping him lose weight.

Vincent is on a strict diet, and Melissa, and her friend Lauren, have the cute guy swimming and walking more than he ever has!

The two women even say that he is enjoying all the exercise that he is getting, and will push himself further and further!

There is already great news to report: Vincent has already lost two pounds!

Hooray for Vincent!!!

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