“Hank the Tank” goes viral after flying first class on plane

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Do you know the saying “first class or no class?”

Well that is true if your Hank Whitman.

You see, Hank is a frequent flyer, and always travels first class.

So what makes his story so unique.

Hank is a dog.

That’s right, a dog!

Hank “the Tank” travels with his owner all over the country.

Hank also happens to be quite large. 146 pounds large.

This massive pooch isn’t just a pet for his owner, he is a certified therapy dog.

His owner, former Playboy playmate Kari Whitman has optical migraines. Hank is trained to alert Kari when one of her migraines is coming, so she can take her medicine.

Hank is blowing up on social media after someone snapped a picture of him boarding the flight, mostly due to his size.

Kari says Hank got so big because he has trouble walking around due to a torn ligament. He also has a thyroid condition.

But Hank is currently on a diet, and has lost close to 20 pounds already.

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