Extraordinary Man Plays the Trombone, With No Limbs

This Morning
Minneapolis, MN (KTSP) – What is your favorite hobby? Maybe its video games, painting, playing an instrument, or even riding a bike.

Now imagine doing that, but with no limbs!

It might seem impossible, until you meet Peter Winslow.

Peter plays the trombone, even though he’s missing both legs, and a right hand!

Peter was born a congenital amputee, without legs or a right arm.

He always wanted to be apart of the school band, and tried every instrument under the sun until he found one he excelled at, the trombone.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Winslow helped bring the U.S. Power Chair Soccer Team to a World Cup Championship!

On ABC9 News This Morning, Jessica Rae and Scott Larson discussed Peter’s amazing talent, and whether they think they could do their hobby, with no limbs. And keep it tuned to ABC9 every morning for more fun and inspiring stories like this one.

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