Arkansas man has over 500,000 pennies

This Morning

We all like to collect things.

Maybe it’s clothes, or stamps, dolls are popular, and so are video games.

But one Arkansas man has been collecting something he has been passionate about for almost half a century.

He collects pennies.

513,614 pennies to be exact!!!

Otha Anders has been collecting pennies since the late 1960’s, and hasn’t spent a single one in 40 years, until now.

Needing to pay off a dental bill, Otha decided to cash out.

So he took his pennies, in 15 five gallon water jugs, to the bank. 

For all you math lovers out there, how much money does 513,614 pennies come to?

Give up?

Otha walked out with a cool $5,136.

On ABC9 News This Morning, Jessica Rae and Scott Larson discussed Otha’s massive penny collection.

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