Supervisor Jeremy Taylor defends himself in residency dispute


Accusers refer to themselves as corruption fighters

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The future of Jeremy Taylor as a member of the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors remains in question Friday after county auditor Pat Gill revokes the supervisor’s voter registration.

Gill’s decision follows a challenge to Taylor’s official residence, filed this month by Sioux City resident Maria Rundquist. A hearing on the matter took place Thursday.

Regarding his decision, Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill said in a written release, “A person’s residence is the place they declare is their home with the intent to remain there. Based on the evidence, I conclude Jeremy Taylor’s residence is 5202 Christy Rd.”

Jeremy Taylor fighting that decision with an appeal, saying the process has been a “partisan witch hunt” from the beginning.

Taylor claiming Gill’s decision to overlook evidence presented by 5 neighbors supporting his residency claim, but allowing a single claim by a neighbor supporting Rundquist’s, shows a political bias.

“There’s no shadow of a doubt that this is political, it’s partisan and it has nothing to do with where I actually live. If it did, you would not dismiss out of hand five neighbors statements that have been notarized and say somebody that lives a block and a half away contradicts those,” says Taylor.

But Taylor’s accusers claim to have no political stake in the matter. Rundquist says she’s registered independent, maintaining her only political agenda is to put people in office who can be trusted.

“Mr. Taylor committed voter registration fraud. He knew he needed to keep that residence for personal political benefit. This is an abuse of public trust because anybody who wants to run for public office. He needs to be honest.”

But Taylor says he looks forward to a second chance at proving his honesty.

“There is not anywhere near the preponderance of evidence that anyone would take. That’s why I am asking for a fair hearing instead of a single elected official subverting the election of over 19,000 voters,” says Taylor.

Due to Taylor’s planned appeal, Monday’s hearing to resolve Taylor’s residency dispute is canceled. Any further changes will come after a hearing in District Court.

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