Study: Pregnancy-related deaths are up in U.S.


A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control found that pregnancy-related deaths are up in the U.S.

Officials say that a mother is 50 percent more likely to die during childbirth than her own mother was.

A major factor in the risk of pregnancy-related death is race, with women of color three times more likely to die before, during or after childbirth.

The study also found that 3 out of 5 maternal deaths are easily preventable.

“Patients are usually pretty good about, if we say you need a follow up, you need to get this blood pressure checked, maybe you need to be delivered to help prevent some of these really bad outcomes and not adhering to that and not following up is what can lead to that ultimately,” Dr. Hannah Dewald of Siouxland OBGYN said.

The CDC reports that almost 700 mothers died due to pregnancy-related causes last year.

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