SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — It’s that time of year again fans flocking to couches, bars or stadiums to watch their favorite football teams.

In today’s health minute, Mary Moloney has tips on how to kick off the season in a healthy way.

“Go Cowboys!”

Whether you’re a pro fan, cheer for your favorite college team –

“Woof woof woof”

Or both, football is back. Along with lots of unhealthy snacks. So, how can fans watch the games and their waistlines?

“Plan ahead, workout before you spend the day on the couch or at the stadium and don’t go hungry,” says Psychologist Rachel Goldman, who specializes in health and wellness.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, I’m going to be out all day on Sunday, I’m not going to eat breakfast, I’ll save my calories for later’ and that’s really the worst thing people could do,” said Dr. Rachel Goldman.

Goldman said eating a healthy meal instead of snacking throughout the day, will also help keep you on the right track.

“The problem is when people are physiologically hungry and they’re bored or mindless eating because they’re watching tv and there’s food in front of them it’s easier to pick on things,” mentions Dr. Rachel Goldman.

Staying active during the game can also help, Goldman said.

“Maybe during commercials or during halftime maybe do mountain climbers or pushups or even to get up and stretch,” added Dr. Rachel Goldman.

Even small changes this football season can be a big win for your health.