Oversight Committee Chair Reacts to Carroll Termination

State Legislature

“There are so many problems that it’s hard to even know where to begin,” Senate Oversight Committee Chair Janet Petersen said the recent events that have unfolded about DAS are making her question the Governor’s abilities.  “Well he certainly is not doing a very good job of it right now.”

There are two departments directly under the Governor, The Department of Management and the Department of Administrative Services.

“If you can’t trust the people on top, we’ve got real problems,” Petersen said.  “They’re in charge of contract negotiations, they’re in charge of hiring issues, grievance process, and we need someone who is going to be truthful in that office.”

Petersen said she wants a few action items to be taken care of immediately.

“The Governor should put a couple other DAS officials on unpaid administrative leave so that we can get this investigation completed without them destroying evidence,” she said. 

She’s asked the Iowa State Patrol to secure those documents, and she thinks another investigation is needed into the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Legal Council, and the head of the Department of Management.

“They did not do a very good job on their investigation so I’d be questioning whether or not he’s getting good information from them,” Petersen said.

In the documents released, it’s stated that the woman who received the settlement is still owed 11,000 dollars. She’s supposed to get that in January 2015.

For Petersen, the issues don’t stop here. And it’s going to take a while before the Oversight Committee to fix it all.

“We have a number of issues going on in state government and it’s not just in DAS but he needs to take charge and start getting to the bottom of a lot of issues facing our state,” she said.

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