SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU)- On February 5th, the Sioux City Musketeers hoped to pick up another win against the Lincoln Stars at the Tyson Events Center. But for one Musketeer, it meant that much more.

The game of hockey has taken Sioux City Musketeers defenseman Garrett Brown to many different places.

The San Jose, Calif. native and Muskies veteran has played for a gold medal in Ontario, committed to the University of Denver, and was selected by the Winnipeg Jets in the 2022 NHL Draft. But no matter where he goes, something…or someone is always with him.

The butterfly logo represents the Aubri Brown Club, a foundation created by the Brown family after the devastating passing of Garrett’s sister. Aubri Brown tragically passed away in September 2005 of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS.

Through the grieving process, the family thought of ways their experience can help others who may be going through a similar occurrence.

“They created this foundation and what it does is it just kind of helps families that may need some financial help. Whether that’s with groceries and getting by day-to-day or whether that’s funeral expenses. Whatever that is for that specific family, is kind of what we step in and help with. So, it’s a really great thing that they started and I’m able to be a part of it,” Sioux City defenseman Garrett Brown said.

Garrett also spoke on the positive impact the Aubri Brown Club has had on families they’ve worked with in the past, solidifying the purpose of the foundation.

“It kind of turned something dark and tragic and not great for obviously every family and kind of turned it into a positive thing and a way to help families,” Brown added.

The support of the foundation has not only been through events like The Aubri Brown Club 3-on-3 Youth Jamboree in San Jose. In Sioux City, the Musketeers players often wear the butterfly while the Aubri Brown Club logo is right in front of Sioux City’s bench. Ami Brown approached the Muskies organization with an idea for the Musketeers to support the foundation on the ice and for Sioux City, it was an easy decision.

“Ami just walked up to me at a game one day and said ‘we have this organization, this is what it is, could we do something with it?’ and the deal was done at that point. It was, of course we could do something. It’s a fantastic organization. Their son plays for us. It made a whole lot of sense. So, we started something because he was here. But, I think even when Garrett leaves, this is going to be a Musketeer staple for years to come,” Musketeers CEO Travis Morgan emphasized.

With the idea coming to fruition, Sioux City swapped out its traditional home white uniforms for special Aubri Brown Club yellow jerseys, which were auctioned off postgame with the proceeds going to the foundation. The Brown family shared a memorable moment on the ice, as Garrett took the ceremonial faceoff against his father, Curtis, who is a former NHL player and current coach for the Lincoln Stars while Ami dropped the puck.

The move by the Musketeers organization was just another example of how strong and powerful the game of hockey is, with the Aubri Brown Club highlighting how it’s not only a sport, but also a compassionate community.

“Hockey is our world, it’s our community. So, to have the support of our community be more about the game itself has meant the world,” Ami Brown said.

“”It’s really cool to see people kind of rally behind the cause and rally behind something that they can agree on and get behind and that’s what we’ve been seeing here with the Aubri Brown Club. Everybody is helping out and just giving in any way they can and it’s been a special thing,” Garrett added.