(KTLA) — SpaghettiOs newest flavor caters to childhood nostalgia with a grown-up twist.

The Campbell Soup Company on Tuesday announced its collaboration with Frank’s Red Hot on its newest flavor, SpaghettiOs Spicy Original, made with Frank’s Red Hot.

The unique flavor features O-shaped pasta in tomato and cheese sauce with a mild-medium heat level.

SpaghettiOs new flavor
SpaghettiOs and Frank’s RedHot team up to release a new SpaghettiOs flavor. (The Campbell Soup Company)

The new flavor was made with millennials in mind to satisfy their cravings for spicy foods with a meal that represents their childhood. The generational group also makes up one-third of SpaghettiOs total annual sales, according to a news release.

“SpaghettiOs and Frank’s RedHot each have an undeniable fandom,” Mieka Burns, vice president of meals and sauces at the Campbell Soup Company, said in a statement. “Through this collaboration, we’re excited to put a hot, more mature twist on a classic offering that our adult consumers grew up enjoying.”

The new product will be sold for $1.59 at retailers nationwide.