SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KCAU) — Ho-Chunk Incorporated has been planning to build a new casino in South Sioux City, but the project is being delayed.

Lance Morgan is the CEO of Ho-Chunk Inc. He said the company applied for licenses to build casinos in Omaha and Lincoln. Morgan said those projects have more funding and available resources than the one planned for South Sioux City.

“It’s been harder to lineup the financing for South Sioux, so we’re going to fund it internally but we only have so many resources both in terms of people and in terms of capital and since Omaha and Lincoln are larger markets, that’s where we’re going to focus,” Morgan said.

He said the new casino in South Sioux City will be located on 100 acres near Dakota Avenue just a mile away from Atokad Park.

“It’s going to be better for visibility. it gives us 100 acres instead of 30 and it also allows for a lot more amenities,” said Morgan.

Some people have mixed feelings about the project.

Emily Stavneak’s family lives in South Sioux City. She said a large casino and race track could cause commotion in a small town.

“I could see benefits and disadvantages. Like a lot of people could start coming into the town but you also don’t want to disrupt the small town that it is,” said Stavneak.

Morgan estimates the casino and race track in South Sioux City will create an additional 200 jobs. He said the project will be complete 6 to 12 months after the Omaha and Lincoln facilities are complete.